The Health & Safety Prevention Council has been put in place. The current employer representatives include Mike Oxley (Du Pont Canada), Gloria Rajkumar (SIMAC), and Roy Slack (Cementation Canada).

Planned BCOHS meetings for 2013 are February 12, April 16, June 25, September 17 and November 19.


Our Advocacy Mission

We are an association of Ontario businesses with a singular focus on promoting economically sustainable healthy and safe workplaces throughout the province. BCOHS interacts at a strategic level with government ministries, agencies and the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board to improve workplace health and safety performance.

Our primary objectives are early consultation with policy-makers, building partnerships and the sharing of best practices in occupational health & safety management.

We seek the opinion and input of all business on health and safety issues. Contact us with issues that are important to you or with any comments on current projects. Together we can make a difference.