Here are our current members - some of the best organizations in Ontario.

We have also included some of our partners that we work with.

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Ontario Power Generation
Ontario Power Generation Inc. is an Ontario-based electricity generation company whose principal business is the generation and sale of electricity in Ontario. Our focus is on the efficient production and sale of electricity from our generation assets, while operating in a safe, open and environmentally responsible manner.

ArcelorMittal DOFASCO
ArcelorMittal Dofasco is Canada's most successful steel producer and a global industry leader. By working closely with our customers and using the latest technologies, we produce innovative, value-added steel that meets their exact needs. Since 1912, we've built strong and enduring relationships with our customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and communities strengthened by mutual trust and respect, shared expectations and enduring values.

Hydro One
Hydro One Inc. delivers electricity safely, reliably and responsibly to homes and businesses across the province of Ontario. We are wholly owned by the Government of Ontario, and are proud of our key role in the provincial infrastructure. Accident free is the way to be.

Bruce Power
Bruce Power is committed to providing safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally sound electricity. We will achieve this through living our values, which will condition every decision and action we take. We will leverage the skills and creativity of Canada's most dynamic and innovative team to achieve sustainable performance excellence. Bruce Power's number one value is Safety First. This is fundamental to our success and is essential to achieving our long-term business goals. A strong safety culture and healthy workplace environment are at the heart of everything we do.

Enbridge Gas
We are proud to support the communities we serve and keep safety and corporate social responsibility policies our top priority. At Enbridge Gas, we strive to: Build lasting relationships with our stakeholders. Act ethically and responsibly. Support the needs of communities, our investors, governments, and our employees.

Imperial Oil Limited
Founding member. Imperialís health and safety goal is zero work-related injuries and illnesses. We strive for a workplace that will allow us to achieve our clear and simple objective: "Nobody Gets Hurt."

3 M Canada
Founding Member. 3M is a diversified technology company serving customers and communities with innovative products and services. Each of our seven businesses has earned leading global market positions.

Nova Chemicals Canada
Founding member. NOVA Chemicals operates on the premise that all work-related illnesses and injuries can be prevented. Our occupational safety and health programs are designed to protect employees and contractors from both immediate on-the-job and long-term health risks. As the foundation for these efforts, NOVA Chemicals strives to foster a culture in which all workers are responsible for maintaining the workplace health and safety of their fellow employees.

Reliance Home Comfort
RelianceTM has been delivering high quality products and services for over 40 years, with full service heating and cooling business offerings ranging from service, financing to rental options. RelianceTM is one of the largest rental water heater providers in Canada, with over 1.4 million customers and growing. At RelianceTM we value personal safety, well-being and life-balance. We care for the community and for the environment we work in.

Nouvera Consulting Inc.
Nouvera provides the administrative and consulting services that helps the BCOHS meet its annual plans. As well, we provide our clients with customized risk-based safety and environment management solutions that contribute to business success, enhance corporate image and contribute to employee morale.

AECON Construction Groiup
At Aecon, Safety isnít just a part of our day-to-day business...itís our number one core value. Safety First From our frontline employees to our CEO, it is the responsibility of everyone at Aecon to ensure each worker, including direct employees and subcontractors, gets home safely to their families each and every day.

ISO standards such as ISO 14001 and 18001 map out a framework that our organization has followed to set up our management systems. At BGIS, we have achieved external certification for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and are working to achieve additional certifications in the future.